11 comments on “The second of my 2nd new project has begun….

  1. Nice..where did you find those plans?

    They had a 1:1 cardboard one at walmart when the dvd came out but they wouldn’t let me have it for my kids.

  2. Thanks Brenda! I’m still in the design process. I have to work out how I wish the treads to function at the moment. There are 2 different versions that are possible….the movie version which look great but won’t work in reality…and then the slightly modified working version which work like a charm. No one can really tell the difference except for me actually, but you know how picky we builders can get. Anyway, I have a solid idea and will do a prototype the first week after new years. It will be comprised of a few unconventional “off the shelf parts”….as usual. Because very few have actually built a working Wall-e I will be embarking on a lot of unchartered territory 😉


  3. Was this file used to make the store display ones? Just wondering if I could print them out, glue on cardboard and have an easy Wall*E for the kids? No treads tho…is there another page?

    We watched Wall*E a few times over the holidays.


  4. Someone has done the picture from the very accurate wall-e interactive toy robot. They then made it the correct life-size for those like me to be able to use for reference to detail. You could try and print it out and glue the parts but it wont be a perfect match because the actual wall-e isn’t as squared off as you might first think. The tread plans I have separately and can msn you that when you come online 😉


  5. Cool..thanks man! Not sure what I can do with them but even if they end up as a poster Im sure the kids will love it!

  6. Hi,
    Can you tell me where I could find those plans?
    I’m a french sculptor and I would like to sculpt my own Wall-e 😉

    • Hi Vinc!

      There aren’t any real plans just yet. I’m in a small group of builders that are going from pictures around the Internet and giving tips to one another. You could try contacting the Yahoo Wall*E Builder group. Good Lock!!

  7. I’d also love to get a copy of the images that you’ve used. I have access to a Connex 3D printer and was hoping to model Wall-E in solidworks using the images as the rough reference and texture maps.

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