build video’s

This page will show videos  of the tests that I have done during my building process. I will only put there the ideas that I have implimented in my artoo. The trial and error stuff will remain in there original posts…

Development of K-2S0 (head) pt2

Development of K-2S0 (head) pt1

Electric Magnetic Power Charger Arm and Panel


Dome gear setup

Rear logic test

PSI first test

PSI second test

Front logic display test


10 comments on “build video’s

  1. dude great stuff , ill never get mine that good im not that smart when it comes to servos and such ,but i do have a question i saw you video on your periscope lift mech, and was wunderin if you can give me some info on the motor gear you showed on the box it looks simple enough but were you operating it thru a up/ down switch manually or can it be hooked up to a remote control set up up.
    im planning to buy a vex controller but i need to know what i need to buy first.hope you can help thanks chris(aka samuraiman 69) on

  2. Hi Chris!

    Thank you for your kind words. It’s actually a straight forward setup and I will gladly share all of my tips including a detailed how i did the periscope lift. But, do you think you can hold out for about 5 weeks before I give a detailed explanation? At present I’m just moving into my new house, attending a Hobby Expo in Finland with my artoo and even getting married in the middle of April. I don’t use the vex at all in the dome. However, to get you started all you need are these:

    6 channel remote-(all of my electronics IN the dome is controlled with this)

    Lego Technic 8287-

    Anything esle I can help ou with before the middle of next month just ask 😀


    • Hi! Great work.. As you can see, I JUST now stumbled on your build blog.. I too am interested in what you used to create your wonderful lift mech for the periscope. ANY and all details would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,
      please e-mail me if you do respond 🙂

      • Hi Keith, I’ll take a few pictures of some of the detail of the periscope so you can see how it looks and works. Do you think you can hold out a few days?
        Cheers, Thomas

      • Yes, I can hold out 🙂 Thank you for the quick response… is that lego motor (Lego Technic 8287) the one that you used? and what did you use for your slider ? Your set up is probably the best I have seen!
        And one other question if I may, what motor are you using for your dome? Are you using a Pittman?

      • yes its the Lego Technic motor 8287 for the periscope. I used “Drawer Slides” for lift track and its an easy put-together. For the dome rotation I originally used a Pittman but am now changing them out to another type of motor which suites my needs. I’ll pot pics when I have done the switch completed.

    • Hi Sean..I will have to get back with you about that. I’m in a little deep at the moment with my Wall-E project

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