3 comments on “Vacuum formed hubs for Wall-e

  1. I like how you made the Wall-E hub caps (that is how I call it lol). Can you tell me more? I need to make or get these and need to figure it out 🙂 Nice work…

    • Thsnks Gregorio, those hub caps were experimental. I’ve now gone over to making 3d printed versions which are a combination of hubcaps and sprockets. I’ll post my new ones in the coming weeks

      • Thank you for the reply! It will be nice to see how it comes out in 3D printing. I am going with metal sprockets and I think I will need or it might be better to go the 3D route so I can modify it so it can “connect” to the metal sprocket.

        Again…looking forward to your 3D printed version 🙂

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