8 comments on “new legs in the works…

  1. AHHA, Got some secrets going here :o)
    I leave you guys alone for a little while and you start building all kinds of stuff.
    I can’t wait to see these and lets see the Booster Rockets!
    Sneaky, Sneaky :o)

  2. hehehe…yeah Calvin, the cats out of the bag. I have been pressured from all sides about posting something…by Jason, Brenda and others, lol. After hearing about those solid metal booster rockets costing a kings randsome I was determined to make them equal in quality and far from equal in price. And while I was at it they would be functional minus the real flames 😉


  3. Thanks Brenda….It should be done in a few weeks but I make take a little break from building because I have a few major events coming up.


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