10 comments on “LCD logics…from idea to reality…

  1. I love this idea! I have a couple of old iPod Nanos that I don’t use anymore… they might just find a new purpose in life.

  2. Thanks Matt….IPod Nanos are a little expensive but if they are just sitting around…. GO FOR IT 😉


  3. Thanks Brenda, you can thank Calvin…I got th idea from watching his LCD idea 🙂


  4. I’m loving these
    Where did you get the photo frame for the rear logic display and what size is it – is it actually bigger than the hole?

  5. Looks great! Really great! I think the rear looks better just changing pictures vs. a transition as the front is. Can the front transition be changed to just chnage the pics without the appearance of a horizontal scrolling transition between pics? You know what I mean right?

    Very very cool!!


    • Thanks Jason… yes, I can adjust and remove the transitions…I’ll get on it right away 😉


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