8 comments on “LCD front logic with a bigger and brighter screen…

  1. Lookin Good!!!!
    I like the use of the Lcd screen.
    Did you do the light pattern by changing from 1 pic to another?
    How did you seperate the dots and make the pics for the Lcd?
    I wonder if one of those screens that runs video would work also?

  2. Thanks Calvin!
    I created 6-7 pictures that are a part of a slide show. Making the dots was pretty easy. I found a picture card of the front and rear logics. I then created the dots in Photoshop, each on a separate layer and then created a few jpeg pictures. Now that I know this idea will work I’m going to work a little more on the blinking sequence. The great thing I discovered about this LCD solution is that I can create virtually any pattern and transfer via a simple usb cable directly from my computer in a matter of minutes. After I have tweaked my main pictures I’ll send you the bunch. Because the rear logics has over 100 lights it will take a few days to finish 😉

    Unfortunately, it can’t play video, otherwise i would have animated a video sequence of blinking lights instead. But, saying that, I have discovered all kinds of possibles. And this all started because of your “simple” addition idea to your dome. So, I should be the one thanking you dude 🙂


  3. Hello Thomas,

    Great idea, i am looking for same solution for my build. Any chance you want to share with me how you did this or supply me the video files?


  4. Hi Gord!

    I just used a regular 5 inch battery powered LCD screen, Photoshopped a bunch of LED pictures and then just turned on the “slideshow” function. It lasts for hour which is perfect. If you wish the pics I used just email me and I’ll send you the lot.

    Cheers and Good luck,

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