9 comments on “here’s the video of my electro magnetic power charge arm…

  1. OH MAN!!!!!!!
    The pics did not do this justice,
    The video is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I see who the master builder is now :o)
    When I get back from MegaCon, I’m going to have a million questions for you.
    I have something very simular I built for my utility arms, But I never thought
    of using it for this.
    AWESOME WORK!!!!!!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!! you did it and they said it couldn’t be done, that is awesome. I also like your lights, that is cool!!!


  3. Brenda & Calvin…Thanks guys…you’re starting to humble me now, lol. Ask anything you like and have a great time at the MegaCon….and remember whatever happens at the Con….it can be fixed 😉

  4. That was the 1st thing everyone kept asking me at MegaCon.
    One guy offered to donate a real zapper, But I was alittle leary of it.
    I’d like to do mine like yours but I have the extra lights next to the
    charge port and not sure if I can find a way to flip between the 2 items.

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