2 comments on “and they said it couldn’t be done ;)

  1. 2 of the pics are not showing :o(
    So is it sharing the door opening or does it change somehow?

    That’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    I like the gear slide you made up.
    I have some Vex slides and gear goodies like that.
    I might just have to copy this one partner. LoL :o)

  2. Thanks Calvin…..I’m not sure what you mean by “sharing”, but its all working independently, using just 2 channels from my remote. The lights activate from a micro switch when the door panel opens. And best of all the panel doesn’t need any magnets to keep it closed.

    I just noticed that my pictures from previous post are missing. The host website (slide.com) that I usually store my pics on seems to be down. I guess it will be up in a day or 2, I hope.

    Yeah, I like the gears from lego. Vex parts are just too hard to get in Sweden and costs an arm and a leg to ship. My design idea is very simple, once I figured out how to do it. Because you are a “master builder” it’s very flattering that you wish to copy my idea. Be warned though, if you haven’t arranged room for this in advanced its really a bear to get it all in there 😉


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