4 comments on “new design updates in the works…

  1. Sneaky, Sneaky
    I knew you were up to something :o)
    I want to build that arm, But I went with the led panel.
    Now what you really need to do is build a flip panel and have both items.
    I’d be extremely jealous.

  2. Thanks Calvin…sneaky who me 😉

    ..actually the flip panel is already done and I already figured out how to make the entire system work from just using 1 servo, 1 lego mech motor and a couple of micro switches. I’m just trying to figure out what this arm looks like. I have a rough idea so I’m trying few sketch ideas and will see which one looks almost like the one from the movie


  3. Wow…sounds very cool (and complicated)./

    Just don’t have it wired up to shock kids…although it would be a nice option for some ppl I am sure!

  4. Thanks Jason…its going to test my building (creatively) skills and haven’t decided just about the shocking function…hmm maybe a tazzer gun for those “wonderful” kiddies 😉

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