8 comments on “Periscope finally installed….

  1. WoW
    Thats awsome man… really looks superb… and so fast it goes… u know u now have to make one of those for me now lol

  2. Thanks guys. I’ll be repainting the entire dome in a week or so so I’ll make some picture of how I did it then. Its pretty straight forward actually (once i figured out how) 😉


  3. Wow! Darn you! Looks great!

    So how do you get the lights to turn off and on when it pops out? Is there s trip switch or something?

    Looks really good and fast!


  4. Hahaha Jason Thanks…yes the lights work with a micro touch switch. When the lift bar comes too the absolute bottom it rests on the arm of the micro touch switch cut the power to the lights. Here’s what that type of switch looks like:

    I’m thinking of making a step by step slideshow in a few days to show how it’s all done. Its really easy when you think about it and very inexpensive.


  5. Thanks Brenda…. I got the arm compartment and my new ball casters to install by the 5th of march….the next day starts my Sci Fi Con road trip, lol


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