6 comments on “Last public appearance this year…

  1. Very cool man!! Looks like he was well received…except for the ppl in the library who didnt even move out of the way at all.

    My co workers want me to do the same…and I would but my heavy R2 is in the basement and I drive a small car.

    Congrats again! Looks fun!


  2. Thanks Jason, it was a blast!…those people that didnt move must have been die hard Trekkies 😉


  3. Thanks soffi, and thanks to you and daniel….I got a lot of painting done.
    Love U tooooooo…. and have a great holiday break 🙂

  4. Bloody well done man ….
    Love the way u make ur videos with music 🙂

    Hope u and R2 will have a great new years eve

  5. Thanks Holse…. I hope you and your artoo will have a Happy and Pleasant New Years Eve as well. At present I’m fixing a few dings and scratches from an eventful autumn and winter. Also I’m working on my periscope which should be done buy the weekend. I took a slightly different approach to the lift mechanism , all made from off the shelf parts …will post some pics and vids shortly 😉

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