9 comments on “Day 2 of the Con…

  1. Wow…that is so awesome! Glad to hear he is working sooo well for you!!

    Congrats! Muct be so much fun!!!

    I met Matthew Wood in Dallas a couple years ago..really nice guy!



  2. I am having some troubles with my dome rotation (heavy aluminum dome..lots of load ont he vex. I assume you have a seperate speed controller for your dome rotation motor?

    Just watched your videos. SO great. You driving tank style or joystick style? Mine is tank style..but yours looks way smoother! I am having signal interruption too..all aluminum body is a downfall for that too.

    Man the kids were all over R2! Very cute! You must be feeling great about such a fun weekend!


  3. It got to you did’nt it :o)
    Hands on everything, I still don’t know how I’ll react to this problem.
    Looks like you were having the time of your life.
    More, More, I need more pics!!!
    I’m really desperate now after watching your videos.

  4. Jason
    Yes i used 2 different speed controllers. The wheels use a sabertooth and the the dome uses a much cheaper but functional bi-directional controller http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160257066911

    Yeah, it did but in the end, much later, I realized its really for everyone I made this and its the most popular SW character and besides its nothing that a little glue cant fix, lol
    More pic will be coming. On the second day i had some members of 501st take pics for me…i kind of had my hands full 😉


  5. Very nice. What sort of motors are you using in the feet?

    And what’s he made from. Real good job. I can hear some plastic creaking sounds. I’m assuming he’s plastic??

    I spotted long loop of wire hanging out the back, what was that? Is it for the transmitter?

    I also noticed your dome did not spin much, did you have problems? When it did it looked like it went clockwise only.

    You definitely need a bigger amplifier sound system to bring him to life.

  6. Hi fred..wow…lot of questions, lol
    lets see…that “creaking” sound is only from the fiberglass feet. The place where the ankle between the foot and leg meet. The rest is soundless. The frame is very solid and made of a wood and polystyrene. That loop of wire you were referring to was nothing at all. I was just heading of to get a re-charge and I had just pulled the charger cables out when a 501st trooper started to film artoo I also turned the dome off and sound as i was heading out. It spins like a charm in all directions. Didn’t you see the part1 video? I also had a few pics of the dome off in the slideshow where you can see the charger cables more clearly.


    The transmitter cables are nicely inside the the body. About the sound, its fine. I had i turned off at certain points throughout the video becasue it was far too loud for the kids that were very close. In case you wish details. My blogg shows an earlier sound idea…my artoo actually has a 4.1 creative labs sound system and no worries about being tooo quiet, lol

    And finally the motors…you can read the info here:

    Feel free to inquire about anything else, cheers


  7. Man!!! that was AWESOME!!!!!!! you looked like you were having a great time ;o )
    and everything looked perfect. I can’t wait till we get to take R2 and R3 to a show, you really inspire me to work even harder. And by the way nice rebuttle ;o)


  8. Hi Brenda!!! Keep in mind that it was yours and Calvin R2 blogs that started me to seriuosly consider to build mine 🙂 … so I should be the one thanking you both. Yes, its was a great time at the convention. About the rebuttle…yeah well..there are those that try and find imperfections in diamonds as well 😉


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