7 comments on “the building and painting of the dome is complete…

    How many droids are you building?
    That silver looks really good, Most paints here don’t give a high shine like that.
    So, Is the plastic I sent you for another droid?

  2. Thanks Calvin! It took a while to find this paint but when i finally did it only costed about, believe it or not, $6 a can (400ml). The pictures arent the best but if you didnt know it was plastic you would think you were looking at the more expensive aluminium dome

    I’ll be making the 2 artoo’s as mentioned. I didnt like my first silver dome because the shape isnt the “offical” shape, but the new C&D is. If anyone wants the old one they can have it. Then once the second artoo is finish I’ll be starting a secret droid project. This plactic will keep me with a good supply to work from 😉

  3. AhHa,
    A secret droid Hum?
    That’s it, I’m telling Jason your holding out on us :o)
    We will be watching you from now on, Mr.Sneaky

  4. Mr Sneaky…look who’s talkign Calvin!!

    COngrats!! Dome looks GREAT! I would have thought it was aluminum if I didn’t know better.

    WHat is your old dome..and are you really giving it away???

    Congrats man looks great!!


  5. Thanks Jason!! The mystery droid will have to wait until the second artoo is done. Yes, I’m a perfectionist. The older dome is being given away to any builder that can’t afford much but wants something to get his/her droid finished. It will still require a lot of work to get it finished and its far from perfect, so spread the word 🙂

    Btw, I will be buying another C&D dome to complete my second artoo.


  6. You should have no trouble finding someone who wants it! There must be someone starting out who could really use it! Wish I had an idea…I will let you know if I hear of anyone!


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