4 comments on “major set back but still under control…

  1. Cant wait to see what you came up with!!!

    Things ever seem to go as planed do they?

    Keep positive..the fun part is the build…even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it!


  2. Thanks Jason..for your kind words and constent inspiration. The change in building direction is amazing. Its going much faster with the change. Pics are coming by the end of this weekend. I made up for lost time almost over night. Considering i scaped the all of the plexiglass and started over just a few days ago. I did manage to salvage the frame that i built, that goodness. The pictures will speak for themselves


  3. Sorry to hear your Plexi did’nt work out.
    What type of glue did you use?

    I did see another guy on the group build a set of skins for R2 of wood.
    I’m pretty sure it was either thin birch plywood (High Quality) or
    aircraft grade plywood.
    And there’s allways Polystyrene.

  4. Yeah..The glue i used was very unrelyable. It work great on some of the plexi-wooden areas and in other areas it just didnt stick as strongly. The actual stressed plexi wrapped around the frame was just too great. It was a bummer but i made some great catch up progress..using a kind of plywood (not birch). I’m not sure of the english word. I still may need some Polystyrene to cover my legs. Where can i get some large sheets? I will also be using A&A skins. My resent progress is amazing. I guess i should post some pictures..everyone is so curious 😉


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