4 comments on “the dead of 4 scooters… the rebirth of 2 mobile artoos

  1. Looks good man! A lot neater than my first attempt! Looks like you can reuse the drive housings?

    Great! Good to see some progress!


  2. Thanks Jason!! Yes, the drive housings are a perfect fit. Progress has been going great actually. I’m still waiting for some good days, weatherwise, to start painting. An that looks to be in the middle of June at the latest. I desided to hold off on any fame/body pictures until the painting gets started. So far its all looking to stay on schedule for my first weekend in November 2008 deadline…so far 😉

  3. Thanks steel! sorry for taking so long to reply… I got them on ebay.co.uk but I’m not sure if you’re from Europe or the US. The company i got them from ebay is called Supremelight (http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Supremelight) but i see they arent selling them any more. You could perhaps write them and ask. The more you order for the cheaper they reduce there price.


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