6 comments on “The building is going well..

  1. Looks great man!! I am soo impressed by people’s woodworking skills! Have you been making 2 sets of legs??

    Great job man!!


  2. Thanks Jason!!

    Yes I’m making 2 sets of everthing including legs. I also made 1 test legs to brush up on my “non-exsistant” woodworking skills. It was both fun and educational. There were also a few boo boo’s along the way. I even learned that its very easy to break a steel cutting rotary bit on a thick block of wood. Now I know while I bought all those extras in the first place, lol.


  3. Looks like you have learned to work with wood very quickly! Thats something I have no experience with.

    Nice work man!

  4. Thanks again Jason and the best part is that I can make about 2 complete sets of legs including the 3rd leg for about 100-120 US dollars 🙂


  5. NIce!!! Thats awesome!! Probably a lot less work in the end too..making 2 at once.



  6. Yeah!! I can’t imagining re-doing all of this in the near future when I’m done. And I can’t imagine ever really being done. I can only see places to improve upon 😉


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