8 comments on “rear logics adjustment…

  1. Thanks Jason! It wasnt too bad once I desided what I wanted. It took about 2 hours from start to finish for each logic display.


  2. Thanks calvin! It took a while to figure out which way to go with the lighting, lol. I also think that the size of fiber optics are very important. Most other builders that use this method usually melt a bunch together to make just one fiber. This limits the amount of light that coming out in the end. Because I used a single 2.5mm thick fiber and melted that tip it looks almost like a 3mm LED. Perhaps a good building tip for the R2 builders Club 😉
    Well now I contiune with the “meat and potatoes” part of this build, finishing off the body so I can finally paint it. I had some gluing issues to stort out with the plexiglass. It didnt want to stay in the bent position. Also, I have done some ckecking around for different types of paints that stick to plexiglass and finally found a good brand here in sweden just a few days ago. Will keep you posted 😉


  3. Thanks Chris, I’m thinking of steeling a few of yours and calvins panelling ideas later down the line 😉


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