6 comments on “back from my trip and back at it….

  1. Thanks Jason, I’m still fighting this jetlag… happens everytime I visit the west coast


  2. Hey,
    Did you ever find those Walgreens lights?
    If you did, Can I buy 10 red from you?

  3. Hi Calvin!

    No I never got those lights. I decided to do ultra-bright LEDs behind fiber optics for all of my logic displays. Are you thinking of using them on Brenda’s R2? If so, you many consider the LED-fiber optics setup for her’s as well. Its light weight, requires less battery power and looks very cool in a clear dome.


  4. Hi Thomas,

    I’m a new builder from the east coast. I had a chance to go to C5 last year and got hooked. Just got my 300mm dome and already started the “right of passage” that is cutting, sanding and polishing the dome. While I was searching I stumbled onto your site and saw the beautiful fiber optic FLD, you created. Do you have a schematic of the circuit that drives the Fiber? Are you using LED’s behind the fiber? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Would like to start working on the lights as I work on the dome.



    • Hi Chacho..its a simple task. If you just email me your question under my contact page I will let you know how I did it.

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