8 comments on “Great tempo until the glue ran out…

  1. Thanks Jason… once I got started it was easy to keep up the pace. Gotta try and not leave out nor forget the family quality time as well 😉

  2. Yea, That family time can get you into trouble.
    Have you tried to paint the plexi. yet?
    I haven’t seen anyone use this before and I’m dieing to see how it turns out.

  3. I did a few tests a ways back and the results looked good. I am amazed how strong this kind of plexi is and surprised that no one has tried this before, but in all honestly I stumbled over this idea when I picked up my domes. I talked with the plastics expert there and we discussed my r2 projects. I happened to mention that I would use wood or styrene for the skins. He said out of the question and just gave me all the sheets I would ever need, lol.

    Anyway, I have a lot of etching on the bodies still to do as well as adding some minor structural support. I’ll probably etch both entire bodies first which will take a week or 2 and then dependent upon the weather try and get some painting started. Unfortunatly the weather in sweden these days isn’t quite ideal for painting just yet 😦 So I won’t begin painting until after my USA trip.

    Thanks to you I’m looking forward to picking up my lazy susans’,motors’ and with any luck vex transmitters. I have tons of questions for you about vex later. while I was surfing around the internet about r2, vex controllers and robotics it was pretty cool to see your name in almost every forum out there. You have really been through alot of R2 issues…..so in my book you’re my expert on almost all of my artoo questions 😉

  4. Thanks calvin…I read about that from the previous link you posted. Wouldnt that splitter be useful for you as well?


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