5 comments on “new dome electronics… new problems…

  1. Wish I had a suggestion for you..but I am useless with electronics. Sounds to me like you may have a bad board.

    Good luck man! Keep us posted!


  2. I don’t see anything wrong.
    Did you try different switch settings?
    I did’nt do the LED setup, Is it wired correctly?
    I had to do mine alittle different because I bought the 24v.rear logic from Leon and the logic had the resistors mounted to it’s board.
    The only thing I can think of:
    The boards for a while were being shipped with bad crystals and alot of builders were having to have replacements shipped.

  3. Thanks Calvin… I’m gonig to try and do another PSI flasher just to be sure that its not a bad crystal. I bought 4 in all so I have a few more chances to get it right 😉

    I got another question for you guys. You know that led mounting board, the ones with all of the wholes for the front and back login displays, where can I get my hands on 2 sets? Everywhere I have looked they are sold as complete kits with LEDs and electronics. I just want the boards. I tried making my own but the results were a disaster. Any ideas?

    best regards,
    Thomas the newbie 😉

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