5 comments on “no need for a 3rd PSI test…

  1. Hawaii? I thought u were in Sweden (Stockholm).

    Dang…after I visit Calvin in Florida you are next on my list!!!!



  2. hahaha Jason…. I was there earlier this year doing a presentation… right now I’m freezing my but off in Sweden (stockholm). But you are very welcomed to visit me and my family here in Sweden. The mailbox in Hawaii gave me the final inspiration to start building my own artoo 😉

    Have a very merry and safe christmas holiday


  3. Haha..you did confuse me!

    Sounds good..I’ll look you up if Im everin Sweden!

    How cold is it? We’re about 5 below freezing right now..not too bad.


  4. Wow…sounds like it gets cold there. We can get to about -40….but thats not too often.

    Hope you had a great christmas and a happy new year!!!


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