10 comments on “DOMES!!!!!!

  1. I’m going to paint them at present…but who knows I have alot of bulding left before the paint job 😉

  2. Those are nice domes!!!!
    What are the measurements on them?
    Are they like the Aspect Domes or alittle taller?

  3. Thanks Calvin!! They arent Aspect Domes. I got them made at a plastics company close to home and I could stand with them under the forming process, cool. The measurements are amazingly 18.38 in diameter and 9.15 in height. I plan to add an extension for the height. I don’t think I can come any closer than that 🙂

    Another bit of great news is that I found a UK company that makes resin and fiberglass parts almost dirt cheap. So, everything is looking up and I could be finished with the main building before the end of spring.

    Yes Jason, one will be an R2D2 and the other is looking to be an R2D9 as the blogs banner shows 😉

    SO that you know guys, both your websites including brendas has been the great source for encouragement and for the first time all of this is very doable….Super Thanks!!!!!

  4. Haha…yes..there it is in the blog title. I should point out I do my “blogging” first thing in the morning so I’m usually pretty dopey!!

    Glad to know our blogs have inspired. Calvin is the blog god!!

  5. I dont mind you asking at all calvin. We are all in this droid building thing together 😉 The thickness is 3mm (approx. 0,12 inch) and the cost was about 85 dollars plus tax each. And the more you order for the cheaper it gets. Because of the weaker dollar these days that may seem a little pricy but trust me its much cheaper in swedish currency…

    Fell free to ask anything in the future. And if these domes are of interest for you, Brenda or anyone else just let me know 🙂


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